Anna Ramsay Illustration

Graphic design & illustration
I have over a decade of experience working with various clients and companies on product, web, graphic design, surface design and illustration projects. I have collaborated with award-winning design studios, worked with international clients and helped new businesses get on their feet and running. Get in touch >>

Anna Ramsay Surface Design

Surface pattern design
Where illustration and design merge with colour and pattern. Using traditional and digital techniques, I create colourful, timeless designs for use in textiles, home decor, paper goods and products. Drop me a line with your company info to request to view my licensing portfolio >>

Anna Xenia Ramsay, Surface Designer

Anna Ramsay Artist

Art & craft
I create original works of art and self-publish prints and greeting cards. I also create handmade functional ceramics with my hubby Kevin Ramsay. You can find us at the odd local handmade market, purchase online and find select products in retail stores.
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I am grateful for having the opportunity to pursue my craft, in part, to the loving support of my husband Kevin Ramsay. He is a continual source of inspiration, encouragement, comic relief and camaraderie, along with faithful hounds Otis (below) and Daisy.

Anna and Otis


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